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Fri, June 21, 2024 at 00:01

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    • 『Arthur Hayes Buys DOGE, PENDLE, and ETH』

      Arthur Hayes bought Dogecoin (DOGE), Pendle (PENDLE), and 280 Ethereum (ETH). He added 1.65 million PENDLE ($8.4M) to his portfolio amid market volatility.

    • 『BitFlyer to Acquire FTX Japan for Billions』

      BitFlyer is set to acquire FTX Japan for billions of yen, aiming to reshape Japan's crypto landscape with robust rebranding plans.

    • 『MicroStrategy, 11,931 BTC 추가 매입』

      MicroStrategy bought 11,931 BTC, boosting Bitcoin to $65,912. Ethereum rose to $3,580. Market recovery follows Fed's interest rate stance. BTC may hit $70,000 soon.

    • 『Stablecoin Issuers Hold $120B in Treasuries』

      Stablecoin issuers hold over $120 billion in U.S. Treasuries, making them the 18th largest holders. Tether holds $91 billion, Circle holds $29 billion. A stablecoin bill may pass Congress soon.

    • 『CFTC, Jump Trading의 암호화폐 활동 조사』

      The CFTC is investigating Chicago-based Jump Trading's crypto market activities. Jump faced setbacks including a $325M Wormhole hack and $300M FTX collapse losses.

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